Million Dollar Street

Idea description:

In the radio interview to the book release of Obchodná Street 1984-2014 by Ľubo Stacha, photographer, the presenter mentioned how much effort must have been taken to produce decorations of shop-windows for anniversaries of the previous era. Today it seems that the effort with promotional and advertising graphics is taken by a few.

The Million Dollar Homepage is a website with millions of pixels, each can be bought for a dollar. Its visual appearance resembles our urban space.

The MILLION DOLLAR STREET initiative uses a similar principle, but in the opposite manner. The sponsoring company would finance a cleanup of a part of a street or an entire street from various ads. The publicity of urban street without advertising would be the counter value. Shops would present themselves only in their shop-windows, and the event would include a proposal/manual or cooperation for their designs.

A softer version would be an adjustment of the scale and graphics of advertisements in the street or a part thereof, in collaboration with the architect and especially with graphic designers.

As many shops have numerous owners, in the beginning, it would be appropriate to start with a street with smaller number of shops, or a street with well-working community relations.