Living playground

Idea description:

We are happy not only to be able to use urban space on our own, but also when we get to use it together with other people. The conviction that people use the space of our town and enjoy it encourages us to search for areas suitable for potential activities from which, on various grounds, we have so far been obstructed. Transforming the town into a living playground. Our project tries to engage with such a vision by transforming non-functional city areas by means of simple low-cost interventions. The basic concept is that of visual stylizations of common children’s games, such as hopscotch, labyrinth, blind man’s bluff and similar, which have gradually disappeared from our sidewalks and streets, or of games for adults such as badminton courts and running tracks. All the games are alike in that they can be visually demarcated by simple white lines. Due to their stylized form, they do not resemble a playground much on the surface, but look more like abstract signs on the pavement.