Numbering the street lighting posts for localization purposes in case of accident reports to an emergency line

Idea description:

In order to provide better orientation in crisis situations to citizens calling the integrated emergency system, it would be helpful to equip the street lights with number labels for city lighting breakdown reporting.

A person calling the 112 emergency number is often unable to provide information on their exact location, which makes the job of the emergency forces more complicated. Since the mobile network localization is frequently imprecise, the operators often have hard time finding out where the caller actually is.

The lamppost numbering may offer a helping hand in such situations. Suppose that the emergency system operators are given access to the street lamp post database. If a 112 caller cannot identify their position, the operator may request the nearest pole number and identify the exact caller location in this manner.

Improving location reporting in this way could increase the effectiveness of the emergency services in situations threatening life, property or environment.

The labels will include two numbers: the street number and the post number.