Kamzík non-stop

Idea description:

Each metropolitan town has its tower, which is seen by many people. Bratislava is no exception. Kamzík TV tower by J. Tomasak is the identification and benchmark of all parts of the city of Bratislava and its adjacent region. Even after 40 years since its construction, unlike all other metropolitan towers, it has not been illuminated until now. Urban intervention motion highlights the need for lighting of the TV tower itself and its adjacent areas. Residents and visitors of Bratislava obtain at night landmark, which will make the capital city and the tower more attractive. Under the “Concept of the Slovak capital city lighting” from 2002, we propose to illuminate the main hub point with recommended brightness of min. 10 – 15 cd. m-2 and TC 2600 – 6000 K.

  • Ing. arch. Vladimír Hain, Ing. arch. Michal Ganobjak, Ing. arch. Tomáš Hanáček, Ing. arch. Marek Harčarík
  • vladimirhain@gmail.com