The Jurajov dvor farm

Idea description:

After the end of Dynamitka, a neglected area full of social and environmental burden in the suburbs. Right in the middle of marasmus , there is a forgotten farmstead Jurajov Dvor with residence, small shed, bunker and a deer, which gives hope for change. It takes only 6 steps:

1. Change this place. Ask citizens and the owner of the site (city), clean the garden and restore the residence with its surroundings.

2. Attract events. Over a two-hectare area can host anything from a public readings to beer festivals.

3. Use the residence. This area could be a good location for Bratislava, activists, workshops or meetings.

4. Build on the past. The farmstead used to supply the neighboring area with animal products and today it could be used as part of a small, city farm with traditional animals.

5. Use the dilapidated garages opposite to the site. Meaningful use would be, for example, stands for regular flea market.

6. Finding courage to start.