Colour palette?

Idea description:

The thermal insulation of residential  buildings is an issue that affects many people. The most visible is the actual appearance of “new” façades, which gradually change the character of compact neighbourhoods into uncontrollable colourful chaos. The intention of residents who try to “humanize” the impersonality of prefabricated houses in this way now come to the opposite extreme and hypertrophied polychrome settlements are significant disturbing element not only in the city skyline, but given the scale and location of many of them, the total form of the country.

The proposal seeks to return compact neighborhoods to their original unified character, which is, however, changing rapidly with the coming night. Luminescent and reflective parts of the facades are assuming an indicative function, but also enable educational and an amusing form of communication in urban space.

  • Author: ô – architektonické studiô
  • Ing. arch. Martin Kvitkovský, Mgr. art. Martin Varga