Bread market

Idea description:

The square in front of the Old Market is waiting. It is an urban landscape, a part of infrastructure. The focus of our decisions. It represents the culture as well as business. It allows movement and residence. It is a dynamically repeating cycle of seasonal activities. It is a chance to embrace the productive landscape in itself. To become an educational element in an exposed location. Its location and area is supplementary to the Old Market building. It creates a counterweight to the built-up framework. Relatively easy to identify in its proportion. The operation is forecast in its layout. This type of landscape settlement does not have a significant impact on the unpredictable trajectories of urban life. Its structure does not change, no further restrictions occur, movement remains democratic.

  • Author: LABAK
  • Michal Marcinov, Andrej Morávek, Michala Hrnčiarová