Wellness on the Danube

Idea description:

What is BAZEN

Berlin has it, Copenhagen too, and also Vienna does. It is a huge success. Why not Bratislava? It is not so complicated. I know that there have already been similar ideas and proposals. I do not intend to claim mine is the first one. My objective is to promote this project and public discussion about it and find out how people respond, whether they are interested.

BAZEN is a pool floating on the water, a river or a lake. It can be tied to a pontoon by metal beams and chains, like a typical river vessel. The pool is accessible by a bridge directly from the bank or via a pontoon with a platform. Its main use is swimming, whether recreational or competitive. BAZEN is more than just a pool. It offers relaxation at the river and in the river, right in the city center, swimming and much more. On the pontoon there is a wooden deck including other facilities: a cashier, lockers, toilets, a relaxation room and a sauna. There are showers on the deck, two hot tubs with hot water and a plunge pool with cold water for cooling down.

  • Author: HELIKA Slovensko
  • Ing. arch. Ľubomír Okruhlica
  • www.helika.sk